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Thank you for visiting! Great to have you here! 


I have always been a creative soul and can thank my dear Mum for this. She was the one who inspired me to create when growing up. I come from generations of women that crafted in one way of another. Embroidery, knitting and crocheting were taught in our family from a very young age. It somehow stuck with me and I am forever grateful for the legacy those gorgeous women passed on. I now teach my little girls all that I know. They have picked up quite a few tricks as we often craft together. It makes me both happy and proud seeing their achievements. 


You may have seen my cards in the UK best-selling cardmaking and craft magazines. My journey as a designer started when I won Card Designer 2014 with the Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine. It was amazing and one of the biggest highlights of my creative journey to this day. It really was the turning point for me and it gave me the confidence to carry on doing what I love and to follow my dream of becoming a designer. 


"Craft your own happiness"

Ingrid Kristina V

Working with many publishers and various retail companies over the years has been wonderful and has given me the necessary experience. But it didn't just happen one day and there I am, suddenly designing for magazines...

There was and is a lot dedication, hard work and discipline behind all of this. It all started with me purchasing a magazine and I remember being amazed that there are actually people out there making their own cards, scrapbook and use fun tools to make all this. It literally sparked the creativity within. I bought a few craft bundles on ebay and played. I loved it! Heat embossing for the fist time was like watching a magic trick! Whoa! I was in! All in! And being the curious soul that I am, I wanted to do more.

Then I discovered the blog world and found a whole online community of crafters. Where were you and why didn't I know about you all sooner?! Was I just not looking? I met a whole bunch of like-minded people through my blogging that I am blessed to call my friends to this day. Then one day I entered the competition and boom! I couldn't believe my luck! I was designing for magazines, sharing art on my blog whilst working full time in property industry. 


We moved to East Sussex where we live to this day, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Ashdown Forest, and I spend my days crafting and illustrating whilst looking after my little ones. I continue to work hard as I am determined to turn my passion for design into a full-time job and my dreams into reality. 

I have always had an unnatural love for stationery and am a great believer in self-expression, so opening my own online store filled with my own handmade cards, unique scrapbooking embellishments, fun stationery or seeing my patterns on home décor or apparel is just the next step for me. This way I can share more of what I love with the crafting community, continue to inspire and bring a little bit of happiness to others.


Feel free to check out My Shop whilst visiting. I hope you find something that will bring a smile to your face. I appreciate your support. It helps me do what I love and give back to the community whilst doing so.  


I'm constantly updating the shop and the website so join my mailing list below to receive updates, offers, freebies and more! Most importantly, stay creative!


Ingrid x

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